>> 0 Riesenbandbreite in der Hose

Published by on 2009-09-10 07:42:21
Ja, es geht genau um das, was ihr gerade denkt. Folgendes Juwel fand ich justament im Heise-Forum:
1. Eine Menschliche Zelle enthält 75 MB an genetischer Information
2. Ein einzelnes Spermium enthält derer 37,5 MB
3. In einem Milliliter Sperma sind etwa 100 Million Spermien
4. Bei einer Ejakulation treten etwa 2,25 ml Sperma in 5 Sekunden aus
Daraus kann man nun ganz einfach die Bandbreite eines Penis
(37 500 000 Byte je Spermium × 100 000 000 Spermien je [...]

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>> 1 Wie man ein Volk belügt - UK

Published by on 2009-09-05 09:07:36
Können die da auch gut (Slashdot):
"The British government's official figures on the level of illegal file sharing in the UK come from questionable research commissioned by the music industry. The Radio 4 show named 'More or Less' examined the government's claim that 7m people in Britain are engaged in illegal file sharing. The 7m figure actually came from a report written about music industry losses for Forrester subsidiary Jupiter Research. The report was privately commissioned by none other than [...]

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>> 2 Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Provokes Bomb Scare

Published by on 2009-03-21 10:41:59
Slashdot berichtet:
Bomb disposal teams were called in and a nearby pub evacuated after water company engineers mistook a Monty Python film prop for a hand grenade. After nearly an hour of examination by bomb experts, they counted to three. No more. No less. Three was the number they counted, and the number they counted was three. Four they did not count, nor two, except to proceed to three. Five was right out. Once the number three had been reached, [...]

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