>> Ten reasons why the new retro.log is better than ever

Published by on 2015-12-09 08:11:30
  1. The new Layout is simply awesome!
  2. Clickbaity headlines!!!!
  3. Your old accounts should still work. Try it!
  4. Most of the old shit is still there!
  5. Stupid people can bug us about the Faber Renten Lotto again!
  6. No other blog uses that much categories and we're just starting!
  7. We won't correct any stuff that got lost over the time. We admit mistakes but don't learn from them. Laziness, you know?!
  8. We do look younger than ever (on these old photos)!
  9. The ratio between useful and useless content will get even more out of hand! We promise!
  10. New stuff to make the site look even more retro is about to come (think ega-graphics here)

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