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Indeed, this is a sad day.

My 'computer live' started back in roughly 1984 on an Apple //e, available to me in my fathers schools computer lab.

I made a little 9-pixel turtle do the funniest things on a screen that was of his making, and the loss burns even without ever meeting him in person.

Still I believe strongly that death is an integral part of life, and as long as life is lived with passion, integrity and love, death does not hurt, but is a valid and logic consequence of our human existence.

Without death there won't be change, thus no improvement. Death is life.

Keep mind the great deeds and also the misdoings, learn from them, and follow the footsteps of those who lived with passion, integrity, and love.

I'll now try to regroup my brain cells, wipe away some tears and have a nice walk in the rain.

Indeed, it's autumn now.

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