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Published by on 2008-10-05 01:07:27

von vor einiger Zeit. Jetzt scheint es so, als wollte Microsoft kurzerhand gleich das ganze ODF-Komitee "kapern".

"Why do I say Microsoft, when this is SC 34? Look at this... list of participants in the July meeting in Japan of the SC 34 committee. The committee membership is so tilted by Microsoft employees and such, if it were a boat, it would capsize... Of the 19 attendees, 8 are outright Microsoft employees or consultants, and 2 of them are Ecma TC45 members. So 10 out of 19 are directly controlled by Microsoft/Ecma... [I]f the takeover were to succeed, SC 34 would get to maintain ODF as well as Microsoft's competing parody 'standard,' OOXML. How totally smooth and shark-like. Under the guise of 'synchronized maintenance,' without which they claim SC 34 can't fulfill its responsibilities, they get control of everything."

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