>> In Großbritannien sind sie ja mit der Überwachung schon weiter...

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... nämlich bei Hundehaufen.

Conjuring up the bogeymen of terrorists, online pedophiles and cybercriminals, the U.K. passed a comprehensive surveillance law, The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, in 2000. The law allows "the interception of communications, carrying out of surveillance, and the use of covert human intelligence sources" to help prevent crime, including terrorism. Recent reports in the U.K. media indicate that the laws are being used for everything but terrorism investigations.

Ich muss das einfach aus dem Blogpost rauskopieren:

* Derby City Council, Bolton, Gateshead, and Hartlepool used surveillance to investigate dog fouling. Bolton Council also used the act to investigate littering.

* The London borough of Kensington and Chelsea conducted surveillance on the misuse of a disabled parking pass.

* Liverpool City Council used Ripa to identify a false claim for damages.

* Conwy Council used the law to spy on a person who was working while off sick.

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